Fraud Center

New Fraud Alert System

The First National Bank takes pride in providing our customers with cutting edge fraud monitoring. The new alert system will bring greater convenience to all customers with the addition of text alerts. They system increases functionality by notifying users via text and automated phone calls about potential fraud. Users can confirm or deny that fraudulent activity has occurred directly through this system and be connected with a fraud analyst if necessary.

The Fraud Center will ask for your billing zip code to verify your identity. Never give your account number or personal information over the phone to an unknown source.

When possible fraud is suspected, you will be contacted by e-mail or text with the option to reply with "fraud" or "no fraud." If there is no response received, you will then receive automatic phone calls to confirm or deny fraud. The call will be automated and will give you the option to reply with "fraud" or "no fraud" or you will have the ability to speak to a fraud analyst.

The phone number for our Fraud Center is 1-800-417-4592. If you add this number to your phone contacts and label it "FNBA Fraud Center," it will display on your phone whenever you get a call from this number. Our calls will never ask for your PIN or account number. The sms text alert will come from 32874.

To ensure we can reach you, it is important that you update your contact information with any changes. Call us today at 618-299-4411 to verify your email address and phone number or visit one of our convenient locations.

*To enroll in the texting option, please click here or the "Sign Up" button to the right.

Debit Card Fraud Monitoring